Sazonova Yana Nikolaevna
8 913 837 26 70

Deputy Director of the charity Fund " Assistance to families of SMA "
You have visited the website of the charity Fund "Help to SMA families".
I am happy to welcome You, because You made the right choice by choosing to take advantage of our free assistance in obtaining drug therapy for the disease spinal muscular atrophy .
Thanks to the work of our Foundation, dozens of patients with SMA are already receiving life-saving treatment on the territory of the Russian Federation .
In the " Need help ?" You can submit a request and we will contact you in the next few hours .
Employees of the Fund are members of families where the SMA is known not by hearsay, but who directly faced this problem.
And we know exactly how much you need our help !
I myself am the mother of a girl with SMA , and I understand how difficult it is to achieve expensive treatment .
My child is already receiving therapy .
We also work with adult SMA patients .
We will be happy to help Your families !!!